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You should be knowledgeable in Mystery Shopping Scams. There are companies who will promise interested persons ‘Shops’ including ‘assignments and audits that pay $75 plus.

B. Robert Mystery Shopper Sleuth


There are Focus Groups and Survey Companies that actually do offer very high pay such as the amount noted above. However, more ‘Shops’ pay closer to $25 or less!

Naturally, there are certain types of ‘Shops’ that pay more than others!

Additionally, rush ‘immediate’ assignments will very often include Bonus Pay!

If you are willing to complete ‘Shops’ with very little notice (usually a day), you can receive $10 to $15 plus more Bonus Pay to the already agreed upon payment. Also, you still will receive you reimbursements.

It is not uncommon for many Mystery Shoppers to actually sign up for the ‘immediately required shops’ to receive the higher Bonus Pay.

If you earn $30 to $40 or more and do 2 or 3 shops per day a few days a week, you are earning $90 to $120 per day plus reimbursements for purchases made..

In an example of grocery shopping. If you purchase an item you will use, you get paid to ‘Shop’ and you actually receive reimbursement for the item you purchased.

You will have to search out the ‘Shops’ that require immediately completing your assignment to earn the extra Bonus Pay!


A Note on my BLOG for Mystery Shoppers who want to learn more about Mystery Shopping and the tricks to earning money and free gifts.

As a Mystery Shopper you will learn it is easy, if you have the right information!I plan on providing information as often as possible with the shops and companies who are hiring people for shops!

I do offer a few eBooks, where you’ll not only learn the insider secrets to receiving FREE merchandise and services, but you’ll discover little known money making sources that save (and earn) you hundreds of dollars!

I only offer the ebooks if you would like to learn more.

It is not necessary that you purchased my offer!I still will be providing the information and resources that you can embark upon without purchasing my ebooks and bonuses offering.

For that reason, you should stop by often and make sure to read the latest of information and resources that I will be documenting for your knowledge and follow-through.


You can find out more about Focus Groups and Survey Companies simply by searching on the Internet.


You will have to read and check out the company and groups that you plan to work with.


You can find a great deal of information about those offering the shops, audits or assignments by frequenting the forums and joining the different newsletters available.


The important concept to be concerned with, regards the ‘up front fees’.

You can become a member with many companies offering Mystery Shopper assignments for no cost!

There could be a company that provides you with the assignments and job, however, if they are asking for setup fees, or membership fees, you can most likely go directly to the company without any third party fees.


On the other hand, if you want to learn more information regarding the companies who are offering ‘Shops’, and how it works, including details, techniques, tips and tricks for the Mystery Shopper; then you should purchase a few of the eBooks or Books sold on the Market that will provide you with the knowledge you seek. The cost for any of the ebooks or material are not very expensive.

If you are not an experienced or certified Mystery Shopper, I would advise you to purchase more information that will guide and teach you the ‘ins’ and the ‘outs’ of Mystery Shopping!


Having a basic background and foundation on which to determine specifics about certain companies, payments, types of shops and more is essential information if you intend to perform Mystery Shopping assignments.

It will be very important that you read a few different ebooks/books as different authors or experienced Mystery Shoppers review and provide their own side to accepting and completing these type jobs.


I can personally speak for the reason I have been familiar with Mystery Shopping companies, Focus Groups, Survey Companies and the type assignments performed since 2000.


I have seen some companies go out of business and some companies stay. I have also seen some companies be purchased by other larger companies.

When I first became aware of Mystery Shopping, I was skeptical.

Nonetheless, I proceeded in searching out as much about Mystery Shoppers as I could obtain.

It was a very interesting journey through the fraudulent and the honorable companies.

I set a policy in stone for myself, to never pay money, (except for certifications, manuals, ebooks, information and content with substance), to any company requiring payment from me to provide me with a listing of ‘Mystery Shopping Companies’!

Additionally, I joined the many groups and forums available for Mystery Shoppers.

Currently, I receive the listings of job assignments daily, weekly and monthly. This way I am always on top of the ‘Shops’ I like the best.

Most of the time they are the ‘Rush’ type ‘shops’.

Naturally, I follow-up on these for the reason of the Bonus Pay I noted above.

I also do partake in the Focus Groups that do pay $75 to $125, retirement communities and apartment type ‘Shops’. These all pay much higher to complete. Especially, if they include any bonuses…

Examples Assignment Shops Offered Daily:


1 – Mystery Shop for Satisfaction Services Inc. Mystery Shopping Company

Immediate mystery shops available USA Nationwide, Canada, Mexico City
Guadalajara Sao Paulo…

We have Mystery shops nationwide for restaurants, bars, stores, car washes, eye exams etc.

These are benefits you get but you must be reliable, accurate, pay attention to details and provide a a complete summary about your shopping experience.

We are not selling a list of Mystery Shopping Companies.

We are a Mystery Shopping Service used by leading luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, retail stores, chains nationwide and internationally.

We provide the customers perspective to major companies worldwide.

We look forward to you joining our shoppers.

Call or email us


2. Hello Shoppers!

I have a flooring shop available for immediate assignment:

MSPA Gold or Silver shoppers preferred. If you’re not MSPA Gold or Silver Certified but are still interested in this shop, email me and ell me about your mystery shopping experience.

During this shop you will visit the location and make several observations.

You will be required to interact with an associate.

You will be given a scenario and asked to provide specific information.

Please do not take children with you while you perform this assignment.

You may conduct the shop alone or as a couple.

The assignment will pay $15.00.

You must have a Paypal account in order to accept this shop.

The email address that is listed on your shopper profile should match the email address listed at Paypal.

To open an account, go to and follow the simple steps for establishing your
account. Please be aware that our client requires a well written,
detailed report. Take pride in the presentation of your work.

If you are available for this assignment, make sure you’re registered with us at www.sassieshop.

com/2kern and email me at with your Gold or Silver Certification

Thank You!
See all my shop opportunities here

KSS International, Inc.



3. Dear Shoppers,

Coast to Coast Scheduling has lunch and dinner shops available in various ocations in NY, NJ and Washington, DC. Each shop has different parameters, so please register first, then consult the website or email me for additional informtion at ( .

Register at _http://apply.coylehospitality.com_
( .

You must be a registered shopper to be considered for any of the
shops or to receive additional information.

Thank you for your help.

We look forward to working with you.


Coast to Coast Scheduling
on behalf of Coyle Hospitality



4. Part Time Field Service Rep

Are you looking for regular part time on-going work?

Do you thrive in an independent work environment?

IRI In-store Solutions Group is currently seeking Part Time Field Service Reps to collect UPC code scans and observational data in supermarkets, convenience stores and drug stores.

Using a company provided portable computer, you will scan UPC codes on product displays, answer survey questions about store conditions, activities, product counts, and other store related information.

This part time opportunity offers a flexible work schedule, with most work typically performed between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday – Friday.

This position requires approximately 10-20 hours per week depending on the weeks’ projects.

We offer competitive compensation, paid training, drive time and mileage compensations, a 401(k) plan and a friendly, supporting field team.

You must be able to stand, stretch up to 6 feet high, bend, kneel, walk for several hours at a time and lift up to 25 lbs.

You must have a landline phone to transmit your collected data and liability car insurance.

Retail and/or data collection experience is a plus!

Positions are being filled quickly so APPLY TODAY!

Submit your resume to:

To learn more about our company or to submit your
resume for other locations, visit our website at


To Be Continued…..

If you have any questions, please contact me through this Blog.

Kindest Regards, B. Robert

You may be interested in another Great Field Service Representative Opportunity!



You can learn more at







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