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You set your own hours to work when you want to!

‘Mystery Shops’ are valuable services keeping businesses in touch with their customer needs.


Mystery Shoppers also perform a very special requirement a business has in knowing exactly how their employess, managers and staff are servicing the customer and products.


Welcome to my BLOG for Mystery Shoppers who want to learn more about Mystery Shopping and Learning the tricks to earning money and free gifts.

As a Mystery Shopper you will learn it is easy, if you have the right information!I plan on providing information as often as possible with the shops and companies who are hiring people for shops!

I do offer a few eBooks, where you’ll not only learn the insider secrets to receiving FREE merchandise and services, but you’ll discover little known money making sources that save (and earn) you hundreds of dollars!

I only offer the ebooks if you would like to learn more.

It is not necessary that you purchased my offer!I still will be providing the information and resources that you can embark upon without purchasing my ebooks and bonuses offering.

For that reason, you should stop by often and make sure to read the latest of information and resources that I will be documenting for your knowledge and follow-through.


Examples Assignment Shops Offered Daily:

Note: Do not accept any assignment that you think you may not be able to complete. If you accept a shop and do not perform it, the Scheduler and company will not appreciate any cancellations. They will under emergency circumstances waive any negative effects. However, under normal conditions and circumstances the Scheduler will not approve you for any additional ‘Shops’ if you do cancel!

You must consider that a scheduling company is responsible to their client to perform the required audits and reports. You must accept your responsibility very seriously and become known for your reliability to complete your shops.

With that said below you will view some of the postings I have received in the last few days.

My purpose in providing these ‘Shops’ is not for the reason of you accepting any, as much as it is for you to recognize the type assignments, and to become aware of companies offering the Mystery Shopping evaluations.

Under normal circumstances the assignments must be accepted within a timely schedule from 30 days to 2 days and under emergency requirements 1 day notice.

You can see why it is imperative you perform and complete your ‘Shop’ and its reporting.

You will find most companies make the Internet access available to accept your assignments and to also complete your evaluations online.

Payment is flexible and will depend upon the companies you are working with and how they set up. Many use PayPal and require you to open an account to receive your ‘Shop’ pay.

Below you can read some of the assignments available and by whom.



My Personal Comment:

If you normally eat breakfast out, you might as well get paid for it and reimbursed for all or most of the cost.

1. KSS International, Inc. is scheduling great BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER shops!

*Breakfast – 6 am to 9 am

*Lunch – 11 am to 3 pm

*Dinner – 5 pm and 9 pm.

*Shopper must bring a Digital Camera in order to take of the required photos.

*The shop fee is $6 with up to $6 reimbursement for the required food

*Shoppers must be 21 years of age or older

Check with the company for Available Locations.

This is a fun place with great food!

I look forward to working with you!


KSS International, Inc.





You must be reliable, observant and able to follow instructions.

Satisfaction Services Inc has mystery shops all areas USA

NEW Shoppers ONLY sign up with the following link


If you are already a Shopper for us email us email us at


or call 954-564-6570 for immed shops!

We need Mystery Shoppers in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippii, Texas, California, Colorado, Indiana, Arizona, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Ft lauderdale, Key West, Miami, West Palm, Orlando, Naples, Ft Meyers, Ocala, Atlanta, Denver, and more..

Visit our site at http://www.satisfactionservicesinc.com


3. THE MS list Independent Contractor Opportunities

Greet America, Inc. is searching for representatives all over the country in order to fill openings for different part-time and temporary assignments

We constantly have different projects going on all over the United States.

The different assignments that are available include product demonstrations, merchandising, sampling, retailtainment,

placement programs, and mystery shopping.

Please go to our website at www.greetamerica.com and click on JOIN US.

You can enter your contact information there, and we will notify you of opportunities in your area.

There is no fee to apply. Please contact our representative at our site if you have any questions.

We appreciate your time, and look forward to working with you!


Your Greet America Team


4. Hello Shoppers!

Subject: $85 Retirement Shops-

Market Viewpoint is looking for senior shoppers to evaluate retirement communities in some areas.


1- A telephone shop-this is a recorded call

2- Attend a FREE group luncheon (first visit)

3- One-on-one visit with a retirement counselor (second visit)

4- Evaluate the marketing material packet you will be sent.

Payment for the completed shop (including all of the above aspects) is $85.


You must have Microsoft WORD to complete this project.


http://www.OpenOffice.org has a free download Suite version 2.3 that is a compatible application.

The Software can be downloaded and installed and used to save your evaluations in the same format as Microsoft Word.

If you are of senior status (65 years and older) and think you might be able to help us out, please email me at this address.

Also, if you are not of retirement age but have a parent or older friend who would like to accompany you for the valuations, please contact us.

Thank you,

Market Viewpoint, LLC.

Glenmoore, Pennsylvania




5. Apartment Shopping Assignments Available-

Hello shoppers!

We are currently scheduling mystery shopping assignments for apartments in your area.

Please carefully read the details below and contact us.

The shops pay $25.00 upon completion

You will be calling and then interviewing the apartment community on site for these type assignments.

1. IF INTERESTED, SEND AN EMAIL TO info@marketviewpoint.com








Also, if you are new shopper to us, you MUST sign up in our database after applying to any shop!

If you are chosen, you will then be notified regarding the assignment, with a link for instructions.

Reporting is completed online, and must be completed within 24 hours of the shop.

We will be contacting a number of shoppers and will make assignments on a first response/PayPal preferred basis, so don’t delay!

(Please note: I will be unable to contact everyone who responds. You will be notified via email, only, if you are chosen.)

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Market Viewpoint



6. 2008 is going to be a busy year for Insula Research, so we’re looking for professional auditors who are interested in handling a lot of assignments.

Insula Research, needs professional auditors who are interested in handling a lot of ssignments. All projects listed below have locations in all parts of he United States. Below is a list of upcoming projects, as well as he name and email address of the person you should contact for more nformation or questions.

Contactless Credit Card Tests

Insula Research manages an on-going study which tests new types of

credit card readers.

These readers are used in various different merchants, so there several locations to choose from.

Because of the high visibility for this study, auditors must be professional and etail oriented.

To conduct this test, auditors will be asked to test everal credit card readers at each location by making a very small purchase.

Each audit, except for those conducted at movie theaters, pays $10 each.

All purchases are reimbursed.

Interested auditors will be asked to apply for this type of credit card. Please contact Insula Research, for more information.

Delivery Truck Audits

Another on-going study that Insula Research conducts is an audit of

delivery trucks.

The audit consists of taking temperatures of boxes of food as they are being delivered to the restaurant.

Most deliveries occur between the hours of 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

A temperature probe (which retails at $15), as well as a digital camera,

is needed to conduct the audit.

Auditors normally conduct between 5-8 audits per quarter.

Because auditors are responsible for determining which restaurant the truck will be delivering supplies to and when, it requires a high level of organization.

The base price for each audit is $50; if an auditor completes and submits his/her audits on time, a $25 per audit bonus is awarded at the end of the quarter.

Please contact Insula Research, for more information.

Price Audits

Starting in February, Insula Research will be completing thousands of

Price Audits at various fast-food restaurants.

At each restaurant, audits will record the prices of targeted items by referring to the indoor and/or drive-thru menu board.

The hours of operation and information about the site will also be recorded.

A digital camera is needed in order to take approximately 4-6 pictures.

Each audit takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Base pay for each audit is $8 + $1 for submitting a clean report and $1 for purchase reimbursement.

Certain restaurants must be visited twice in order to obtain the prices for breakfast items; the base pay for those audits is $13 + $1 for a clean report + $1 purchase reimbursement.

Restaurants are generally grouped together in groups of three, so we’re looking for auditors who are willing to take an entire cluster.

Emails will be sent out to shoppers in our database when the study is ready to launch.

If you are interested in being contacted, sign up to be a shopper at www.insularesearch.com.

Drive-Thru Time Study

Starting this Spring, Insula Research will conduct its annual

Drive-Thru Time Study at various fast-food restaurants. For this

research, auditors make a purchase through the drive-thru, timing the

process along the way. Auditors will also record information about

the signage, appearance and equipment at the location, as well as

observe and time another vehicle in line. Pay for each audit is $10.

Emails will be sent out to shoppers in our database when the study is

ready to launch, so if you’re interested in being included, sign up to

be a shopper at Insula Research,



The above assignment ‘Shops’ normally and regularly available are only a sample of a few…

There are litterally thousands upon thousands of Mystery Shoppers needed to complete the many evaluations and audits required.

You should look upon this type of work and the company offering the contracting assignments as very important to the structure and consumer services of businesses and customers alike.

You will find this type of work can lead to being scheduled often (daily) and with many assignments.

It is possible to earn more than you would imagine from a part-time contracting position such as this.

Additionally, you should consider the reimbursements you will be provided.

Many benefits derive from being a part of Mystery Shopping.

You also will receive a great many gifts and bonuses that may be included with the ‘Shop’.

To be Continued….. Make sure to visit here often to receive your info.

Kindest Regards, B. Robert

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