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It is so very important to research any companies who you will provide Mystery Shops, Secret Shopping, Audits and customer service evaluations for payment.

It is for this reason you should always scrutinize a company who you will contract with to complete assignments.

You can learn more About this Mystery Shopping Blog at About Mystery Shopper.

Making sure to receive your payment is Number one on your personal agenda. Equally, significant is the company whom you work for and their reputation.

It is so necessary for you to read the many group and membership sites reviews of certain companies.
I can honestly account that I have not read or heard of any companies currently discussed on the List Services or Member Groups that have scammed or deceived Shoppers either in payments made or in assignment signup.

Consequently, you should always stay current on Mystery Shopping Companies.

It is best you continue to be cautious for Scams that may arise!


Mystery Shopping is truly very interesting and enjoyable.

You have a purpose that provides extreme importance upon completing your reporting assignment.



I would like to mention and review how it may be possible for you to earn additional income as A Mystery Shopper.

  1. 1- Bonus Rush Assignments with short notice will pay additional fees; usually $10 to $15+.
  1. 2- Accept 2 to 3 Shops per day preferably ‘short notice’ assignments at least 3 days per week.
  1. 3- Once or twice a week sign up for a fee paid fine dining restaurant evaluation including reimbursement of $100+.
  1. 4- Accept paying assignments that co-exist with your normal schedule in grocery shopping, entertainment, vision, apparel, auto oil changes or repairs, and fast food restaurant shops.
  1. 5- Watch for the Online Evaluation Experiences for payment.
  1. 6- Pay particular attention to any learning experiences that can save you money over time.
  1. 7- Watch for Extra incentive offerings with no fee paid, yet products included with shop for free.


    TIP: You can obtain a Gold or Silver Certificate and be considered in many cases for much higher paying Shop Assignments. Including Focus Groups and Specialized Evaluations.

There are many such options and techniques to obtain additional income as a Mystery Shopper.

You may have been told or read that you are not able to earn income completing Mystery Shops. This all depends on what type of assignments you are willing to accept and complete in a timely manner.

For example, I would not suggest setting up in one day to visit 3 fast food restaurants. In this style secret shopping, there is just so much you can eat. Therefore, you would be paid for completing the shops, but receive no advantage to stopping in at 3 of the same type assignments.



It would be of benefit to mix your types of assignments.

For example:
1. Fast Food Restaurant Shop for lunch receives reimbursement of $7
plus Fee of $7.
2. Cell Phone Shop that pays $15 plus $15 for same day shop and has
no purchase.
3. Fitness Center Tour Shop $ 15 (no purchase).
4. or workout that pays $35 and has $15 purchas


The example would earn you a free lunch (reimbursed at $7) Therefore, you would receive payment check of $14, plus $30 for the Cell Phone Shop and $35 for Touring the Fitness Center. This is a total for the day of $79.00. You will have some expense for transportation and the actual $7 is not income but categorized as reimbursement. Nevertheless, you achieved a total amount of $79 for the day.

You could attempt to complete assignments as the examples above 3 or 4 days a week. Certainly, you can obtain a quality income for a part-time self contracting undertaking.
Again, you are only going to know which companies to work for if you pay attention to the forums, newsletters, list services and membership Mystery Shopping groups that are made available for you.

This will be the only way you can make sure to watch out for the defrauding companies who wish to deceive those who either want to become involved with Mystery Shopping or are currently performing assignments.




Below you will find some companies looking for your help:



Palm Scheduling is scheduling easy fitness center shops for Feb 1 – Feb 17, 2008

The Shop is either a tour or a workout. A tour and a workout but be done at separate times.

No membership is required to complete a tour with no purchases.

There is a 6 month rotation for and if you are an existing member of this gym, you are not eligible for this shop.

If you choose to sign up for the workout shop it must be 30 minutes. It will require report on how many
people talk to you and try to help you. This shop pays $35; you pay $15.00 for a pass.

Tour shops s pay $15.00; you get a tour and see if the rep introduces any other staff to you.
There are varying days and time these shops must be completed, so please sign up for the day and time you are interested in.

Payment will be issued by check on the 10th of the month.

In some locations the following specifics exist:

Weekday Evening Guest Services (Between 4:30pm-9pm) –

You Must Spend at least 30 min in the track and treadmill area.


Weekday Evening Guest Services (Between 4:30pm-9pm) – Must Spend at least 30 min in the track/treadmill area.


Weekday Membership Services (Between 8am-9pm)


Weekend Membership Services (Between 8am-5pm on Saturday and 12pm-5pm on


If you are RELIABLE and interested in doing this type shop, please apply with ALL of the following information in this exact order with your:







Important: In the subject line put “Fitness shop” and the location you desire.

If you are assigned the shop you will be contacted with further instructions.

If you do not receive a reply to your application, it means I have assigned the location prior to receiving your email. These are ongoing shops, so be sure to let me know if you are available for future months.

Palm Scheduling Services

PSS Shopper Data Base registration:
“Shoppertunities”job board, updated daily:





We need dependable people to complete customer service evaluations.

You must be reliable, observant, have an attention to detail, and be able to follow specific instructions.

We pay per evaluation.

To become a new evaluator with us, visit our website at and click on Join Our Shoppers.

Choose to become a rated or a free member and fill out the form and then email us at

If you are already an evaluator with us, please email us at to schedule an evaluation.

Please feel free to call for more information at 1-800-564-6574.




Fine Dining/French

Hello Shoppers!

Ann Michaels & Associates offers upscale dining shops.

A bar visit is required during your visit and preferred after your meal. You will be reimbursed up to $100.00 for the required purchases

This shop requires an extremely detailed report and narrative. The essay must include the specifics of your Server, Manager, Host or Hostess, Bus person, food, bar visit, Bartender, cleanliness and appearance, plus the reservation phone call. The report and receipt must be submitted within 24 hours after your shop is completed.

These shops are on a strict schedule and once assigned, cannot be rescheduled. Please only apply if you are sure that you are available for the date specified. Previous fine dining experience is required and
can be with any company.

Apply on our Sassie job board
You must be registered with us before applying.
If you’re an Ann Michaels shopper but have not had any assignments, please double check your profile to be sure you have agreed to our ICA and PayPal payments.

If you are not registered with us, please register. Once registered, please email me back and I can assign this shop to you.

Go to:
it will take you to the shopper sign up form. Please note two items on the form:

  • 1) We send payments on the 16th of the following month after a shop is completed via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account with an email address that is the same as the email address you use with your Ann Michaels account. Please be sure that you accept PayPal and note this on the form where asked. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one at
  • 2) We have an Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) that must be read and accepted before you can shop with us. On the sign up form, read the ICA and change the “0” to a “1” in the box about the ICA acceptance.

If you have any questions, please email at

Once you are registered, you will have access to the job board and you may also receive email notifications for shops near you.

To Be Continued…..

If you have any questions, please contact me through this Blog.

Kindest Regards, B. Robert


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