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This site will assist those who want to learn more about
Mystery Shopping and
tricks to earn income and free gifts.

This site will assist those who want to know facts and details about Mystery Shopping and 
tricks to earn income and free gifts.

Additionally, this site will provide a variety of information and resources including products for your knowledge.

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As a Mystery Shopper you will learn it is easy, if you have the right information!

I plan on providing new details as often as possible with the shops and companies who are hiring people for assignments!

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You can set your own hours and work when you want to!

Mystery Shoppers perform a valuable service in keeping businesses in touch with their customer needs.

Mystery Shoppers also perform a very special requirement for a business knowing exactly what how their employees, managers and staff are servicing the customer and products.

It is most important you complete any assignments you accept.

A scheduler depends on your reliable intention to provide your reports as you agreed to when you accepted your ‘Shop’.

You can accept as many ‘Shops’ as you can guarantee you will complete. However, sometimes accepting too many will prevent you from completing the assignment and then the company will no longer use you for more ‘Shops’. For that reason, it is best you only sign up for what you definitely are sure you will finish and report on in a time manner.



How does Mystery Shopping actually work?


A company requests a person to shop in their store, either purchasing a product for which they will reimburse the ‘Shopper’, or there will be no purchase necessary.

The company will pay a fee for the ‘Mystery Shop’ including reimbursement, up to a certain amount, for any purchased product required.

A good example is if you and your friend; or husband eat out at a very nice restaurant and the cost for your dinner is $50. It is possible you can receive a reimbursement of up to the $50, in addition to a fee you will also receive. 

The end result is that you dine out at a fine restaurant either for FREE or almost for no cost to you.

It works like this for almost all types of ‘Shops’ that are offered.

It is for this reason many companies and advertisements make comments that you can receive outstanding benefits and free gifts.

Normally, you receive payment for the ‘Shop’ you complete in addition to a reimbursement of a certain amount.

This amount is always noted prior to your accepting the assignment.


What exactly is a Mystery (Secret) Shopper?


A Mystery Shopper is a person who evaluates and examines a company’s services and products by performing as a prospective customer.

The individual acting as a potential customer is required to provide a detailed report on their experience during the entire shopping encounter.

There are many different types of ‘Shops’. Mystery shopping is one of the most accurate research techniques used to evaluate and measure various industry sectors and the quality of services provided to consumers.

Mystery Shopping has proven to be one of the best practices to improve customer relations and to audit their own sales staffing.

Another very important reason for Mystery Shopping is to research their competitors. Secret Shops used to be called ‘Price Checking’, however in later years they have renamed it to Mystery Evaluators, Shoppers, Auditors, Testers and a few other terms like these.

Additionally, Mystery Shopping can be a significant measurement on company compliance and the impact of any changes, new policies, new products and procedures implemented.

Many different consumer surveys are very often used in the same way Mystery Shopping is completed.

Consumer research will always perform a very necessary source for marketing analysis. Investigation by shopping and shoppers to obtain studied consumer and competitor statistics assists and guides the business industry.

There is always a need to gather evidence to audit policies and procedures and to verify poor or quality markets.

Companies need the means to examine and evaluate any impact on any changes to company policies, product improvements, staff variations, seasonal declines or upturns, competition, marketing programs and more.


What are the requirements for accepting a Mystery Shop?


You must do the ‘Shop’ by the time and date agreed upon prior to your accepting the assignment.

You must complete the ‘Shop’ and provide the Reporting criteria in a timely manner. All requirements are specified prior to accepting your ‘Mystery Shop’.

The normal reporting of the Mystery Shop you completed is a description of your dinner, the waitress, hostess, waiter, servers, food and any type of comments that are necessary to detail your time in the restaurant or other type establishment.


Will I require a camera and Internet access?


Most of the time you will need a digital camera and access via high speed connection.

There are some Mystery Shopping assignments that may not require a camera or Internet access. However, you will then most probably require a facsimile to provide the company with your reports.


Can I make an appointment?


Many times you will have to shop like a normal consumer simply doing your shopping. Therefore, you will not want to set up any type appointment.

The purpose for the Mystery Shopping assignment is to find out how the service or employees are providing customer care.

This will be in addition to the quality of the product you may be purchasing.


How do I take photos without the company knowing I am a Mystery Shopper?


Most of the ‘Shops’ requiring photos will be under different circumstances. It is possible you will be setting up an appointment on those occasions where you will be taking pictures with your camera.

Continued later……